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Yoga for Athletes

Yoga for Athletes is a customized program designed specifically around an
athlete’s lifestyle, mind/body stretching and strengthening goals. This program
will provide tools that will foster mental strength and clarity in all aspects of the
athlete’s life. My Yoga for Athletes program includes postures, breath,
affirmations and visualizations specifically tailored for an athlete or sports team of
any age or ability level.

Benefits of Yoga for Athletes:

Strengthens core and creates stability with proper alignment
• Helps create concentration and mental clarity
• Reduces anxiety and game time jitters
• Reduces muscular soreness and joint stiffness
• Stretches tight ligaments and muscles
• Restores and creates energy
• Aids in reducing recovery time and fatigue
• Creates strength, flexibility, balance, endurance and agility

RATES: $70 / 60 minutes *travel fee may apply
RATES: KIDS $60 / 45 minutes



Yoga Fitness Training

Yoga Fitness Training is a fitness based yoga sequence that will develop cardio, strength, flexibility and mindfulness. This program is a total body workout designed to sculpt every major muscle group by combining yoga postures with weights, cardio bursts and plyometrics. For an athlete, this workout is the perfect supplement to a strength training routine. The yoga postures will improve flexibility; plyometrics will develop muscular power; mindfulness tools will provide the focus needed to endure. The yoga sequences will be modified and personalized to fit an individual’s specific fitness needs.

“Our bodies are capable of anything, it’s our minds we have to convince.”

CLASSES: Set up upon request for individuals or groups

RATES: $70 / 60 minutes *travel fee may apply

 Movement Therapy

Fit and Mindful Movement Therapy integrates a variety of bodywork and yoga
techniques to assist you in balancing the energetic and physical body. As the
guide I will help you unlock your own inner wisdom to heal yourself. Movement
Therapy will provide you with tools to work with your body and breath to unwind
physical and emotional injuries. You will learn ways to process energy more
efficiently to help maintain endurance and create personal transformation through
your sport. Movement Therapy sessions will provide you with tools to process stress in
a way that will propel you forward, rather than hold you back. I strongly suggest
at least 5 90 min. sessions. Your session in Movement Therapy can be combined with Sports
Massage for no extra cost.

“There’s a million people in fitness who have a great body, but only a few who
have a great heart. It takes BOTH to be at the top.”

RATE: 60 Minutes $60 90 Minutes / $90
Pre- Pay for 5 sessions get $5 discount each session
Pre-Pay for 10 sessions get $10 discount each session